the 5 elements

Birth Date: Feb 19 – May 4
Birth Element - TIMBER ------ Balance Element – IRON

TIMBER is the genesis of the five-element cycle, and therefore, represents new life. The TIMBER element is associated with the east, spring, planet Jupiter, and the color green. If your birth date resides within this period of the year – you are predominately of (rich in) the TIMBER element. To counter balance (“Ying/Yang”) this, you should incorporate IRON and some EARTH.

Recommendation: All metallic jewelry and accessories associated with the colors: white, silver, gold, yellow and black.

Birth Date: May 5 – August 8
Birth Element -
FIRE ------ Balance Element – WATER

FIRE is predominately "Yang" (Male) of the elements, representing the hot summer and burning youth and desire. The FIRE element is associated with the south, planet Mars, and the color red. If your birthday resides within this period of the year, - you posses the FIRE element. To counter balance this, you should cool down with – you guessed it – WATER.

Any home near water such as a beach house or lakeside cottage represents your ideal dwelling. Also, you should wrap yourself in blue, a water color. Black, gray and white are your preferable colors as well. Crystal, pearl, shell and sapphire should be among your top selections for jewelry.

Birth Date: August 9 – November 7
Birth Element - IRON ------ Balance Element -

IRON is associated with autumn, the time of rising “Ying” (Female). The IRON element (connection, inspiration, and purity) is associated with west, planet Venus, and of course, all metallic colors. If your birthday resides within this period of the year - you were born with abundant metal and should be compensated with a TIMBER element and some FIRE.

Recommendation: In addition to a diet rich in fruit and vegetable, you should wear green often and stay with material made of cotton and linen. Jewelry made of Jade should be selected for its vibrant green color, and diamond for the carbon properties, which represent the shared elemental composition of this most precious stone and the earthy-wood.

Birth Date: November 8 – February 18
Birth Element -
WATER ------ Balance Element - FIRE

WATER (“Elixir of Life”) is the life-giving element. It is also the most “Ying”, associated with winter and north. Its planet is Mercury. Though perceived as soft and flowing, water actually represents power and will. If you celebrate your birthday between November 8th and February 18th - you will need to incorporate some fire.

Waking early to face the rising sun and spending time in the kitchen near the stove would be most beneficial. If neither one fits your life style, you should instead wear red, orange often, complementing it with jewelry made of ruby or flint. Also, driving a fiery, red car is another ideal solution.

EARTH Element

The 5th and final element is the EARTH element. Earth is the center of the five elements and does not correspond to a specific birth date. It is therefore, ubiquitous and permeates everyone- from dust to dust – so to speak. It is similar to the Ancient Greek’s fifth element - the quintessence. There is no harm in wearing colors associated with the earth element such as tan, brown, and black.

Enjoy life, happiness, and harmony. We look forward to your fewti experience!



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