about fewti

Ancient sages of east and west believe that the universe is comprised of five elements. For the Chinese - fire, earth, water, wood, and metal represent these elements. For the ancient Greeks, they are air, water, earth, fire, and the fifth element – the quintessence. We created the word fewti (pronounced as ‘fu-tee’), representing fire, earth, water, timber, and iron to brand our products, symbolizing life, harmony and happiness.

Fewti products are well designed, hand crafted and carefully selected. We also travel to distant and exotic lands, representing diverse cultures to bring you unique and authentic accessories. Our customers find long-lasting enjoyment and satisfaction in our products based on fine beauty, superior quality yet affordable prices. For those who are on the path of spiritual enlightenment, you may experience positive energy (good karma) by wearing Fewti accessories designed to accentuate the 5 universal elements so that balance is achieved in your daily life.

Read more if you are interested in reviewing fewti’s fine selections by following the principles of I-Ching. Or just go ahead and pick your favorite colors.

Regardless – enjoy your fewti experience, and have fun shopping at fewti.com.



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